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Discover Chalfen of London’s sparkling rainbow of coloured stone designs.

Each stone is hand selected. Chalfen believes that the quality of any coloured stone has to be in its depth of colour and overall beauty. Whatever the stone, the colour must have an even spread throughout and exhibit a lustre that emanates from deep within the heart of the stone.

Whether the coloured stone becomes an elegant ring simply set with a diamond either side or a showstopping pendant surrounded by diamonds is decided only after the stone is purchased. By sticking to this process, Chalfen of London can promise that every item in the coloured stone range is a one-off unique piece.

For something truly different why not give a coloured stone ring as an engagement ring or a special occasion gift – from anniversaries to birthdays. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds… Why not tailor your choice to their favourite colour, or birthstone?


Crimson Regent Ring | Chalfen of London


The Crimson Regent is a stunning cocktail ring that would be hard to replicate. Its rose gold claws juxtapose the platinum, enhancing the beauty of the fiery Spinel they are holding ever so tightly. This ring is crimson rich, featuring a 0.89ct AAA grade Spinel, surrounded in a web of 70 diamonds all set into platinum. The ideal head-turning statement ring.

Other coloured stones available upon request.

Jane Ring | Chalfen of London


This 3-stone ring consists of a magnificent 1.50ct mandarin garnet. Complemented by radiant cut diamonds totalling 0.47ct, its rich colour contrasts beautifully with the bright white diamonds either side. Set in platinum, it’s the perfect special occasion gift.

Nina Ring | Chalfen of London


Between the 1920s and 1940s, Art Deco was a synonym for modernist ideas of progress, optimistic celebrations of life and the luxurious lifestyle of a generation of youth who were coming of age after the war. Inspired by the nostalgia for this period, the Nina dress ring embodies the Art Deco design brief perfectly and can be worn as a dress ring or engagement ring. The Nina ring can be tailored to its recipient by setting either a diamond or coloured centre stone and would make the perfect special occasion gift. All you need to decide is which colour you love best…

Bess Ring | Chalfen of London


Like the richest, warmest and most vibrant sunset, a great Fire Opal is a wonderful thing. The Bess is made with one of the finest fire opals (6.24ct) that has ever been discovered. Set with 0.68ct diamonds, this 18ct white gold diamond dress ring will ignite its wearer. A stunning choice. Only one available.

Forget Me Not Ruby Ring | Chalfen of London


The Forget Me Not design is reminiscent of a refined bouquet of flowers, which turns the convention of a single stone ring on its head by presenting seven stones of equal size surrounded by smaller stones. With six rubies totalling at 0.65ct along with 0.26ct of diamonds, this fiery ring will spark any conversation and is a perfect gift for a special occasion – from birthdays to ruby anniversaries.

Collection: Flora Bloom

Please enquire about a matching wedding band.

Leigh Ring | Chalfen of London


Red spinels are often overlooked as they are not rubies – but rubies could be classed as common in comparison, as so few red spinels are discovered each year. This particular stone is a real beauty. Anything over 2ct is considered extremely rare, and this stone weighs 3.62ct! It is expertly cut to maximise its lustre, with a diamond baguette each side to highlight its majesty. The diamond weight of the side stones totals 0.41ct, and the ring is set in platinum.

Belle Ring | Chalfen of London


Marvel at the unbelievable richness of this pink tourmaline and diamond dress ring. This magnificent jewel weighs 5.20ct, is surrounded by 0.32ct of diamonds and set into 18ct white gold. The Belle ring is a true beauty – visually striking and incredibly alluring.

Perdita Pendant | Chalfen of London


The Perdita Pendant is available in blue, pink or yellow sapphires, rubies and even tsavorite. If you can’t find your favourite colour, let us know and we’ll see if we can make it for you. Made in 18ct white gold, its circle of sparkle works with both daytime and evening wear. The perfect anniversary, birthday or wedding gift.

Freya Ring | Chalfen of London


Paraiba tourmalines are one of the rarest stones on the planet. The Freya ring is a classic example of how beautiful this stone can be, with its light blue hue like no other. At 0.64ct, it’s a perfect entry into owning one of these remarkable rings. With a diamond either side weighing 0.28ct and set in platinum, this ring is a one-of-a-kind.

Charlotte Ring | Chalfen of London


This contemporary ring holds an 0.80ct round sapphire of real quality. Dark inky blue with real fire in its belly as it catches the light. Set in 18ct white gold and surrounded by diamonds, it’s the perfect gift for special occasions – whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary or looking for your ‘something blue’.

Forget Me Not Sapphire Ring | Chalfen of London


Similar to a bouquet of flowers, the Forget Me Not design presents seven stones of equal size surrounded by smaller stones to create a beautiful flower visual. With six sapphire stones totalling at 0.62ct along with 0.26ct of diamonds, this stunning and unforgettable blue ring is the perfect special occasion piece or even your ‘something blue’ on your big day.

Collection: Flora Bloom

Please enquire about a matching wedding band.

Catherine Ring | Chalfen of London


A mesmerising 3.60ct, triple ‘A’ grade oval tanzanite is the unmissable feature of the Catherine ring. The 10 x 8.1mm stone is held in ‘talon’ claws and circled by diamonds that have a combined weight of 0.73ct. This astonishing, highly saturated tanzanite sings with its blue/purple shade. Set in 18ct white gold, this is a true statement ring.

Marie Ring | Chalfen of London


The paraiba tourmaline is one of the rarest stones on the planet and takes centre stage in this exclusive Marie design. This precious jewel is 100,000 times more rare than a diamond. The Marie’s 1.86ct oval paraiba is the paraiba colour you should be looking for – almost a neon soft blue. It has 80 surrounding diamonds with a total weight of 0.56ct. Set in platinum, its wearer will feel like a queen.

Sheba Ring | Chalfen of London


This exclusive aquamarine cocktail ring is intricately set with sparkling diamonds. The aqua weighs 6.17ct and is one of the finest examples of this stone you will ever find. Baby blue and cut for perfection, it is surrounded by 80 diamonds at 0.43ct. Set in 18ct white gold, the Sheba will mesmerise all who behold it. Definitely worthy of Signature status.

Adeline Ring | Chalfen of London


This beautiful three-stone Tsavorite ring offers a great depth of colour and tremendous life. The round-shaped Tsavorite garnet is set with 0.84ct of diamonds in platinum to increase its overall majesty. An exclusive design that will add sparkle to any outfit.



Cleo Ring | Chalfen of London


A retro-inspired dress ring, featuring a wonderfully dark 1.92 marquise-shaped green tourmaline at its heart. Highlighted by 0.36ct of diamonds, this is a ring for those who appreciate classic design. Set into 18ct white and yellow gold, this is a timeless piece that makes the perfect special occasion gift.

Ava Ring | Chalfen of London


One of the rarest stones on the planet, the paraiba tourmaline takes centre stage in this exclusive Ava design. This 2.80ct paraiba bends more towards the mint green colour spectrum and is wonderfully clean to the eye. Surrounded by 0.28ct of diamonds, it’s set into platinum. This design will certainly sparkle in the spotlight.

Anita Ring | Chalfen of London


At 7.36ct, this smoky yellow topaz really stands out from the crowd. The shape is unusual, offering maximum sparkle and unquestionable quality. Set in 18ct white gold and set with 77 diamonds weighing 0.35ct, the Anita is a beautiful way to celebrate a special occasion – from birthdays to anniversaries.