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ref: 72CHX-W001 RRP: £9,885

During a recent office move, an old box was discovered hidden at the back of a drawer. Unfolding its layers, four brass masters were discovered, which used to cast items of jewellery. The name of the box refers to a member of the Chalfen family who worked in London between the start of the century and 1964, meaning these masters must have originated somewhere between these dates. (The fact that they are brass only adds to their authenticity as masters today are created in a computer and then formed in wax or resin). Not knowing if these had ever been used before, Chalfen of London has decided to create only 10 of each of these models as limited editions in honour of their maker. Part of the Limited Edition Chalfen of London Historic range, this is the Constance pendant. This pretty pendant could be called a brand new antique as it's not a copy or reproduction. It features 1.64ct of diamonds and is set in 18ct white gold.

Collection: Limited Edition
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