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ref: 50D9W-W001 RRP: £36,999

There will only be one owner of the Eve pendant, as this exclusive design spotlights a one-of-a-kind pear shaped diamond. This jewel weighs 1.51ct and is GIA certificated as F VS2. The unique look of this diamond shows up by virtue of its unusual spread. It may weigh 1.51ct but spreads like a 2ct stone. A diamond this flat isn't the usual pattern Chalfen of London looks for in a diamond, but the perfect symmetry gives it a unique antique beauty all of its own. It goes to show how you should never judge a diamond purely on its certificate. It is truly captivating - no other pear shaped diamond will look like this. The pendant itself has been designed around this fascinating gem with a further 0.62ct worth of diamonds to decorate its outline, adding to its sparkle.

Collection: Limited Edition
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