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Countess Ring | Chalfen of London


Make an entrance with the Countess ring, one of Chalfen of London’s signature designs. Pentagon-cut diamonds form a seamless frame around the centre stone – a 0.40ct F SI1 GIA certificated diamond. Its diamond pentagons total a weight of 0.70ct, which are all set in platinum. The perfect ring for the lady who loves the unusual […]

Duchess Ring | Chalfen of London


Featuring a 1.35ct fancy yellow hexagonal diamond, the Duchess is guarded either side by 0.51ct of tapered baguette diamonds. A unique ring, the Duchess design is unusual in its centre stone and stunning in its simplicity. Its head is 18ct yellow gold to heighten the colour of the yellow diamond, while it sits within a […]

Eve Pendant | Chalfen of London


There will only be one owner of the Eve pendant, as this exclusive design spotlights a one-of-a-kind pear shaped diamond. This jewel weighs 1.51ct and is GIA certificated as F VS2. The unique look of this diamond shows up by virtue of its unusual spread. It may weigh 1.51ct but spreads like a 2ct stone. A diamond this […]

Empress Ring | Chalfen of London


Eye-catching and elegant, the Empress ring is a Signature design by Chalfen of London displaying a 0.90ct Gemmological Institute of America-certificated Marquise diamond. The diamond is  “D” colour and VS 2 in clarity meaning it is super bright with no visible inclusions but it’s how the complete ring feels on the hand that makes this […]

Ava Ring | Chalfen of London


One of the rarest stones on the planet, the paraiba tourmaline takes centre stage in this exclusive Ava design. This 2.80ct paraiba bends more towards the mint green colour spectrum and is wonderfully clean to the eye. Surrounded by 0.28ct of diamonds, it’s set into platinum. This design will certainly sparkle in the spotlight.

Bess Ring | Chalfen of London


Like the richest, warmest and most vibrant sunset, a great Fire Opal is a wonderful thing. The Bess is made with one of the finest fire opals (6.24ct) that has ever been discovered. Set with 0.68ct diamonds, this 18ct white gold diamond dress ring will ignite its wearer. A stunning choice. Only one available.

Catherine Ring | Chalfen of London


A mesmerising 3.60ct, triple ‘A’ grade oval tanzanite is the unmissable feature of the Catherine ring. The 10 x 8.1mm stone is held in ‘talon’ claws and circled by diamonds that have a combined weight of 0.73ct. This astonishing, highly saturated tanzanite sings with its blue/purple shade. Set in 18ct white gold, this is a […]

Monarch Ring | Chalfen of London


The Monarch’s emerald-cut diamond makes its wearer feel like royalty. The diamond itself is 1.01ct D VS2 and certificated by the GIA, whilst being flanked either side by a regiment of trapezoid diamonds (0.66ct) marching along its band. Each trapezoid has been cut specifically to create a seamless taper away from the centre diamond. A masterpiece […]

Leigh Ring | Chalfen of London


Red spinels are often overlooked as they are not rubies – but rubies could be classed as common in comparison, as so few red spinels are discovered each year. This particular stone is a real beauty. Anything over 2ct is considered extremely rare, and this stone weighs 3.62ct! It is expertly cut to maximise its […]

Marie Ring | Chalfen of London


The paraiba tourmaline is one of the rarest stones on the planet and takes centre stage in this exclusive Marie design. This precious jewel is 100,000 times more rare than a diamond. The Marie’s 1.86ct oval paraiba is the paraiba colour you should be looking for – almost a neon soft blue. It has 80 […]

Sheba Ring | Chalfen of London


This exclusive aquamarine cocktail ring is intricately set with sparkling diamonds. The aqua weighs 6.17ct and is one of the finest examples of this stone you will ever find. Baby blue and cut for perfection, it is surrounded by 80 diamonds at 0.43ct. Set in 18ct white gold, the Sheba will mesmerise all who behold […]